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great game

Did my own video about it, but the sound of thunder got a copyright claim, weird

Youtube algorithm do that sometimes.

Was fun until I died.

This was a fun game to play, the timing on the second and third attack was perfectly executed. 

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Ran into a couple bugs, but spooky nonetheless! And we got the ending 😎


I couldn't beat this game! That damn "thing" was just way smarter than me! I do how ever love the game and would like to see it through to the end! I may give it a second go once I have a little more free time

i wont lie i couldnt continue playing this game so heres my take. you guys hit that like button if yall enjoyed watching the video

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UNFORTUNATELY I WASN'T ABLE TO BEAT THIS GAME. But I really enjoyed the consept and how you were able to be somewhere else than in your house. First time when I saw him, i got really spooped. Really well done character! The atmospheric really stand here. I'm waiting chapter 2 :)

I recently featured this in my trio of itch games, it was unique and interesting, it would of been great if there were a few more interactables and maybe a few more lights could of been able to be activated, the creature chasing you definately has a scary feel to it and it is very creepy, the abandoned hospital is really well designed it would be great to see what other places the player is transported to in the next chapters, maybe in the next ones there can be shadow jumpscares or strange audios to make the player on edge.

All in all really nicely done.

Love this game, really scary!


Just recently found this and checked it out, fun stuff! I was expecting something the entire time waiting to jump out!


Pretty interesting game overall. The monster dude thing was definitely disturbing looking. One thing though that happened to me was once I died the first time I seemed to be stuck in a short loop of him just rushing up the stairs at me before I had a chance to go downstairs. Also the way the music starts and just comes to a hard stop when you get a certain range away from him was really noticeable to me when grabbing the key downstairs. Anyway thanks for making it! 


SKIP TO 29:17!!!

Aight, this was actually pretty good, I hope you guys make a chapter 2, I'd play that in a heartbeat!

Legit scared me multiple times

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I watched some older vids of people playing this and the monster seemed a little more forgiving in them....or I just suck at outrunning any case here's my vid 

hiya so i played your game and had a blast playing it. to start off i think what really got me was the silence of the house as we enter it and we were left in, the now and then loud thunder sounds really helped the environment get spookier. i felt like something was gonna pop up at any moment. the transition to the "dream" world (if its okay to call it that) was expected but still had that unsettling feeling i got as i entered the house the first time. as i looked at the dream world environment i felt like i was going to deal with some spooky stuff but there was but a simple tease of what were gonna get after "waking up" idk if after "waking up" if we were still dreaming or not. that is something i really liked cause you cant tell if you still dreaming or awake after encountering that thing after "waking up". the game was really fun, cant wait to see what chapter two has in store. keep up the great work amigos.i made a small playthrough if anyone wants to check it out :D 



Here's my gameplay of it,i was lost at times but this was a pretty good game.                                                                                                             


Short and sweet! The monster design is really good, props! Can't wait to see more in the future! 


Welcome back Spectators,

Although short and for the most part simple "True Nightmares" had me screaming like a baby.  Thank you for showing us your creation Developer, I really enjoyed it.

- L Squared


probably need to work on this a little more, especially when the monster just floats and can get you from over the stair bannisters etc but still an ok game 


Loved your game! It was fun experience! 10/10 Keep up the good work!

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I was super impressed with the game so far, unfortunatly i ran into a bug where i glitched into the wall and was stuck but i had a FANTASTIC time while playing and recording. Great Job! (Starts At 5:29)


Can't wait for Chapter 2 to come!!!!! I'm interested to see whether this monster is truly real or not πŸ˜±πŸ‘€πŸ‘€. So cool to transition from reality to nightmare to reality, and still feeling unsafe in your own home! The monster's face still gives me the creeps πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€ Can't wait to see what happens in the story next!!!

I really enjoyed this game! I recorded myself playing it but when I went to edit the video, it showed that it lagged extremely bad! It wasn't the game itself, I've had this happen to other games/videos I've made so I'm really sad I couldn't post that but I can't wait for a chapter 2 if you guys decide to create it!

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So many jump scares. Very well put together and easy to follow. Really enjoyed playing my friend. The mood is set perfectly throughout and really cranks up as the game progresses. 

The only small downside was not being able to see the monster until it was basically too late. Not a deal breaker though, as you had to learn the environment and learn his AI. Really looking forward to checking out Chapter 2!

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Hello! good work with the graphics and game elements, looks very very good. 

The monster is creepy, the ambient is good and lighting too.

The one thing I have to comment on is the fact that when I played it the monster is like 2 times faster than videos I've seen of other people playing it.  Me and my friend died like 30 times because there was no way to get away from him, I even got to the safe and opened it but he was so close to me the whole time (even though I actually had some advantage when I first saw him) that he killed me right before I could pick the gun.

The door mechanics is a little frustrating, the doors get stuck if you don't open them with some specific distance or angle, and sometimes it seems like it can hold the monster outside but some other times it doesn't. 

Im not sure why the monster is faster for me than others... very weird.

Here is our gameplay video so you can see what I mean.

I must say the game is very good, I like it a lot and I'm looking forward to playing chapter 2 if I ever get to kill the fast speed monster.


Hey everybody, this game dominates! I enjoyed the straight forward style of it. Hiding from the monster was ball dropping enjoyment; but not being able to tell where it was annoyed me. The last segment could be made into a full game imo, it was great.


that monster model....hella creepy very well made game!

Hi fellow developers

I have just finished your game and here are my thoughts


  • Very well-made assets with high quality textures.
  • Great atmosphere. Perhaps a little too dark, but I can live with that.
  • Good quality sound effects as well, but the thunder SFX was a bit too high IMO.
  • The β€œdream” scenario was really good. That jumpscare got me.
  • No lags or bugs


  • The interaction with doors was a bit annoying. They wouldn’t open if you stood too close.
  • That monster, the player has to avoid and later kill. I am not a big fan of it just appears in front of you, and you can’t do anything without the gun. Be careful not to lose players here. Because it can be a bit frustrating dying 20 times in a row.
  • Missing the multiple-choice possibility. The player is forced to do events in a certain order.
  • No backstory. Things just happened randomly. I suppose it will come along in later versions.
  • Food steps sounds. In my opinion, you need at least an array of 4 audioclips, to make it sound good.

All in all, I think it was a good game. Especially before that monster showed up. I am looking forward to chapter 2 😊

Keep it up guys.


The pacing was on point and the atmosphere really set the tone but that's about it. The phone's flashlight did nothing unless you were right up against something, the protagonist's footsteps were heavier than Bigfoot's, and I had no idea what I was doing or why. The narrative is almost non-existent. 

However, I'll give credit where credit is due; maybe this game is just a concept. Other than some very minor nitpicks there is nothing that is truly bad about this game. It worked nicely and there were very little, if any, issues. Plus the scares and general creepiness were good enough to where I'd say it's worth a look.

Overall, not a bad experience but some serious polish is needed. I hope when or if Chapter 2 is made that Chapter 1 will get some extra loving. I rated it 3 out of 5 stars.

Thank you! We made an update that improved the game in the main aspects and solved the main problems.

Awesome! I look forward to see what else changes and is added to the game. I'll keep an eye on it


What I liked about the game:

1. It's really spooky!

2. The monster is terrifying and it's making scary noises. I got scared so hard!

3. I liked that you use your phone as a flashlight.

4. The environment is pretty nice. A lot of stuff like drawers and closets are interactable - this is pretty neat!

What I disliked about the game:

1. It's too dark. At some places I couldn't see a thing. turning up brightness didn't help. I understand that horror game must be dark, but that would be really cool to make the flashlight a little bit more effective.

2. Doors sometimes do not open. They get stuck as they meet the character standing in front of them. That is nice but annoying. It would be much cooler if they would open as soon as you get out of the way instead of closing and reopening them again.

Overall, I really liked the game! It scared me a lot (the game is the third in my vid). 

I hope my feedback was useful!


I thought this game was pretty good, good work!


This game is in the beginning

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I love the graphics of the environment and objects around you, and the spooky ambience. The having of an actual nightmare was a delicious piece as well. I wish the monster had a more terrifying movement to it, something that'd really creep you out. It's funny how the light (when using the gun) is brighter than the your phones light. I could actually see with that thing lol

Great work!


Good Game, i like the sounds...voiceacting would be nice... i´m waiting for chapter 2 😁

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