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I didn't do very much in this video than just collect 2 objects because I DIDN'T READ THE DESCRIPTION AGAIN!!! Reeeee!! Okay but for real. This is a pretty cool game and I plan to play it again (Maybe). I do lag a bit here and there sometimes but that's mostly my computers fault. Thanks for making this game and keep up the good work!

 haven't tested the game yet, but for the trailer I would like Laranjo and evil forces to have fun walking

Hey Mn3. Will there be Laranjo 2 in the future? I really enjoyed the game and i consider making a speedrun.

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I'm currently doing another game, but after that who knows ...

:o so there might be a chance

it was alright for what it was but somewhat fun game, nice work.

I played this a few days back, it was pretty challenging and I didn't realize you could open cabinets and drawers until after I stopped recording. I should have read the page better lol. Overall it was pretty good for what it was.


What the freak... only words I have LOL!

Thanks! :)


Gave the game a try!  Game very interesting and definitely scared me.  

Thanks man! :)


Was able to beat it!

Sorry for the difficulty and bugs, it was our first game. Thanks for playing :) (great channel anyway).

Thansk :)


I think I see something orange...

Hahaha!. Thanks for playing my game. :D